Monday, 23 July 2012

Awoozing Race : Cape Town Quiz Answers !

1 . Cape Town In The Second - Most Populous City In What African Country ? South Africa
2 . What Is The Name Of The South African Island Rugby Team ? Springboks
3 . What Very Famous Political Figure Gave His First Public Speech In Decades On The Balcondy Of Cape Town City Hall In 1990 ? Nelson Mandela
4 . What Great , White , Large And Dangerous Fish Lives Off The Coast Of Cape Town ?Great White Shark
5 . Cape Town And South Africa Were Colonized By Which Europeans In 1652 ? Dutch
6 . Which Cape Town Mountain Is Believed To Be One Of The Oldest In The World ? Table Mountain
7 . What Is The Name Used For The Social Custom And Barbecue Event That Gathers Family And Friends To A Picnic In South Africa ? Braai
8 . How Many Official Languages Do Cape Town And South Africa Have ? 11

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