Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Awoozing Race : Lost Artifacts Week 4

Clue 10: I kept alive roughly 4 months every two years? Torch

Clue 11: In my family the biggest protects the smallest? China dolls

Clue 12: I can live in a valley, or a lake? Spear kind of looking thing ( clue one the left or right side of the China Cat) 

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Awoozing Race : London 

1. London is the capital city of what country? England

2. After the 2012, London will have been the host of how many Summer Olympic Games? 3

3. What is the name of the great clock tower of the Palace of Westminster in London? Big Ben

4. Which church has been the place of coronation and burials for English monarchs since 1042?  Westminster Abbey  

5. What is the name of the official London residence and principal workplace of the British monarchs? Buckingham Palace

6. What famous tennis tournament has been held at the All-England Club in London every year since 1877? wimbledon

7. What colours are London’s famous buses and telephone booths? Red

8. What is the name of London’s busiest airport and major international air transport hub? Heathrow

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Awoozing Race : Moscow

1. Moscow is the capital city of what country? Russia
2. What is the name for the residence of the Russian president and executives of government in Moscow? Kremlin

3. The city of Moscow is named because of the river that passes through it. What is the river’s name? Moskva
4. In what year did Moscow host the Summer Olympic Games?1980 
5. What is the name of the most famous Cathedral that sits in the geometric center of Moscow? Saint ________ (Basil)

6. What is the name of the most titled ice hockey team and in the world, based in Moscow? cska (In CAPS)

7. Which Russian communist revolutionary transformed Russia into the U.S.S.R in 1922? 

8. Moscow houses the 4th tallest free-standing land structure in the world. What’s its name? Ostankino Tower

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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Awoozing Race : Rome!

1. Rome is the capital city of what country? Italy

2. There is actually a country that is located in the heart of Rome; it’s the smallest in the world. What is the name of this country? Vatican
3. What is the name of the famous amphitheater ( largest ever built by the Roman Empire ) located in the heart of Rome ? Colosseum

4. The largest interior of any Christian church in the world is named after which Saint ?  Peter

5.  Who is the legendary founder of the city of Rome ?  Romulus

6. Who is the famous Roman general and statesman that greatly increased ancient Rome’s power ? Julius Caesar

7. What is the name of the main river that passes through Rome ?  Tiber

8. What is Rome’s most famous fountain ? Trevi

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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Awoozing Race : Istanbul Quiz Answers!

1. stanbul is the only city in the world that stands in two different continents. Name one of them? Europe 

2. What famous name did Istanbul have before the 1930’s?  Constantinople

3. Who wrote the famous novel “Murder on the Orient Express,” which is set in Istanbul? Agatha Christie

4. During the middle Ages, Istanbul had over 1400 public_______? Toilets

5. The San Marco Cathedral in Venice boasts 4 bronze statues of which animal?  These statues were originally stolen from Istanbul by Crusaders in the 13th century. Horse

6.  Istanbul spans which body of water? Bosphorus

7.  What is the name of the most iconic structure of Istanbul that boasts a dome 102 feet in diameter?  Hagia Sophia

8.   Before being called Istanbul and Constantinople, this famed town had yet another name.  What was it? Byzantium

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Awoozing Race : Cairo Quiz Answers !

1 . Cairo Is The Capitol City Of Which African Country ? Egypt
2 . Cairo Is Near The Town Of Giza And What Famous Giant Statue Of A Lion With A Human Head ? Great Sphinx
3 . Cairo Is Near A Very Famous Necropolis Consisting Of Three Great __ . Pyramids
4 . Who Was The First Sultan Of Egypt In 1171 That Based His Operations In Cairo ?Saladin
5 . What Is Cairo's Most Popular Sport ? Soccer
6 . What Cairo Establishment Is Home To The Most Extensive Collection Of Ancient Egyptian Antiquities ? Egyptian Museum
7 . What Is The River That Passes Through Cairo And Most Of Egypt ? Nile
8 . What Is Cairo's Major Public Town Square , Located In The Downtown Area ? Tahrir Square

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Awoozing Race : Casablanca Quiz Answers !

1 . Casablanca Is The Largest City And Chief Port Of Which African Country ? Morocco
2 . Casablanca Is Home To The Orthlieb __ __ . The Largest Of Its Kind In The World , This __ __ Is 480m ( 1,547ft ) Long . Swimming Pool
3 . What Does 'Casablanca' Mean In Spanish ? White House
4 . The Area Where Casablanca Is Currently Located Was Oringinally Settled By What North African Ethnic Grooup ? Berbers
5 . Who Is The Male Lead Actor Of The 1942 Movie Titled 'Casablanca' ? Humphrey Bogart
6 . Casablanca's Origins Trace Back To A Medieval Town . What Was Its Name ? Anfa
7 . What Mosque In Casablanca Boasts The World's Tallest Minaret ( Tower ) ? Hassan II
8 . Casablanca Has Been Conquered Many Times By Different European Countries . Name One : Spain

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